Peacock: Feels like home.

Everyone has at least one NBC show they love. One they could watch over and over and over again. A classic that feels like home.


The streaming service landscape is competitive and highly saturated with hundreds of services to choose from and just a few leading the category. 

NBC’s Peacock has little to offer in the realm of exclusive original content, and much of their content is available for free on their three-tier subscription model. 


Peacock’s streaming model differs from others as it’s a vehicle for NBC’s digital transition rather than a fully fledged competitor to Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and others. 

Peacock doesn’t need to generate tons of exclusive original content, because NBC is already home to decades of America’s finest television.

DIRECTION: Major streaming players like Netflix are hemorrhaging their most popular shows, including The Office, Parks & Recreation, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Why? Because they’re all NBC properties.

We were happy to lend them out for a while, but now they’re coming home to NBC—to Peacock—where they belong. That means you belong here too.

"Michael" - :25

"Norm" - :15

Peacock x Publix

Heat-and-eat homestyle meals inspired by your faves’ faves.

Peacock x Peloton

Riders select timed storyline challenges from their favorite shows. The courses explore the show’s setting.

You’re late! Get to the 99th Precinct and clock in before Captain Holt puts you on desk duty.

Raccoon invasion at City Hall! Get the bait to Director Swanson before they attack the field trippers from Pawnee Elementary.

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Cat Marsh: strategist

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3-week bonus project over winter break

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